Deltona Goju Karate and Kickboxing

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Deltona Goju Karate Academy FAQ

Q.  What is the age range for participating in the karate program?

A.  We start teaching students from the age of 5 and up.

Q.  What type of programs do you offer?

A.  We offer Traditional Karate classes for children and adults, as well as a kickboxing class for adults.

Q.  Do you have to fight in the kickboxing class?

A.  No, some students like the kickboxing class for the cardio workout.  We do not force any student to fight.

Q.  Do you have to sign a long term contract?

A.  No, we do not believe in contracts with our students.

Q.  When do classes enroll?

A.  We have ongoing beginner classes, so there is not set time of the month that you have to join.

Q.  Do your students compete in tournaments?

A.  Yes, some of our students choose to compete in tournaments.  It is not mandatory for students to  compete, however, we support our students 100%.

Q.  Do you offer a free trial class?

A.  We offer 1 free trial class.  Please contact us to set up an appointment. 








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